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Educational Materials

Ohio Mandated Trauma Triage new 3-26-13
Must be completed by EMS providers of ALL LEVELS in EVERY recertification cycle
EMT Topics
New postings 10-1-14

4th quarter 2014 part 1 (2ce) - G. O. 8-10, HIPAA coming soon
Course Materials

4th quarter 2014 part 2 (2ce) - SOP 7, Infection Control
Course Materials

3rd quarter 2014 part 1 - Intranasal Naloxone with CFD Procedure and practical
Course materials
Intranasal Naloxone narrated powerpoint
Intranasal Naloxone powerpoint slides non-narrated self-study

- AND all of the following -
(for EMTs) Procedure 15 - Intranasal Procedure
(for Paramedic) Procedure 16 - Intranasal Procedure
Non Transport 3 - Refusal AMA-OD
Intranasal Practical Exam Skill Sheet
posted 6-18-14


3rd quarter 2014 part 2 - Presentation - Child Abuse
posted 7-1-14


2nd Quarter 2014 - BLS Protocols 6 ce (2 Peds, 2 geriatric, 2 trauma)
posted 4-1-14

EMT Archives

1st quarter 2014 part 1 Presentation - Intranasal Naloxone

1st quarter 2014 part 1 Article - Project Dawn
posted 1-1-14

1st quarter 2014 part 2 Article - Geriatric con ed
posted 1-1-14

3rd quarter 2013 part 2 - START Triage / JUMPSTART Triage
posted 7-1-13 - to be removed 12-31-13

Mass Casualty Incident Information from the CDC
7-1-13 - to be removed 12-31-13

4th quarter 2013 part 1 Reading Material - Trauma: Orthopedic Injuries
4th quarter 2013 part 1 Video - SAM Splint
posted 10-1-13 - to be removed 1-1-14

4th quarter 2013 part 2 OB / Neonatal Resuscitation
posted 10-1-13 - to be removed 1-1-14

2nd quarter 2013 part 2 - Routine Trauma Protocol & NOTS
posted 4-7-13 - to be removed 10-7-13

2nd quarter 2013 - Field Pronouncement & Non Transport Procedures
posted 4-1-13 - to be removed 9-30-13

1st quarter 2013 con ed Part 1 - Pediatric Near Drowning & Hypothermia (pediatrics 1 hr)
posted 1-1-13 - to be removed 6-30-13

1st quarter 2013 con ed Part 2 - Geriatric Patient (Geriatrics 3 hrs)
posted 1-1-13 - to be removed 6-30-13

4th quarter 2012 con ed Part 1 - Routine Protocols & Pulse Oximetry 2 Hrs

4th quarter 2012 con ed Part 2 - Pediatric Topics 2 CE

3rd quarter 2012 con ed Part 1 - Lifepak 1000 video
General Order 8-3 (AED) 2 CE

3rd quarter 2012 con ed part 2 - Glucose Testing and Routine Protocols 2 CE

2nd Q 2012 Pediatric Trauma Podcast
2nd Q 2012 Therapeutic Hypothermia Podcast
Health Department POD Awareness self study class
(user must advance the slides)

EMT 3rd Quarter 2011 - Podcasts on STEMI and Prehospital Stroke Care
Interum 2011 CE - Documentation
Part 2 EMT 4th Quarter 2011 CE - Audio Podcast - Safety on the scene
Part 1 EMT 4th Quarter 2011 CE - Video - Pediatric Trauma
Copy of the power point presentation for study
Pediatric Trauma Podcast
CO Pulse Oximetry
Geriatrics Assessment and Geriatric Falls
Blast Injuries and START Triage
Tasers and Agitated Delirium
Cold Injuries and Routine City of Cleveland Protocols

Firefighter & FSI Archive

2nd quarter 2014 Part 1 - Active Shooter (video)
2nd quarter 2014 Part 1 - Active Shooter additional pdf

2nd quarter 2014 Part 2 - State Water Rescue training (BGSU)
See Special Order for navigation information

1st quarter 2014 - “Meth Awareness”

4th quarter 2013 Part 1 - Vertical Ventilation - Post test on our system 2 CE

4th quarter 2013 Part 2 - Using a Life Line - 2 CE

4th quarter 2013 Part 3 - 2 CE
All members of the Division shall obtain ICS 800 certification. The link for ICS 800.b is: Click on course ICS 800.b, down load course material from link on right. After reviewing course material click take final exam on right under course material. Print certificate and send copy to Capt. Blake @ FTA. You will receive two hours credit upon receipt of a copy of your certificate.

2nd quarter 2013 - OSHA - Facilities With Combustible Dust

1st quarter 2013 - Sirencide

1st quarter 2013 - Vehicle Operations

NFPA - Electric Vehicle Safety Training - Chevrolet Volt
Water Supply
Firefighter Rehab
Lightweight Building Construction Part 1
Lightweight Building Construction Part 2
Risk vs Reward
Vision 20/20 Community Risk Reduction Training
IAFF Fireground Survival
Elevator Rescue Operations
Green Buildings 1 & 2
Cold Water considerations article Cold Water Video
Confined Space

4th Quarter 2012 - Our Work Environment-Video 3 CE
Our Work Environment Additional Study Aid

Firefighter or Fire Safety Inspector - Actuated Dampers in Smoke Control Systems 4 Firefighter OR FSI

NIOSH Truss Alert - 4 Firefighter OR FSI

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